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Maxwell Portable Storage

     Maxwell Portable storage has been supplying central and southeastern North Carolina with storage containers and office for more that 25 years. Out story begins in the 80's...

     Before we were in the portable storage business, we were CD Maxwell Auction Company. There were a lot of people that wanted auctions but did not have enough property to justify doing one. Instead of doing an auction we would buy out the household or business and then store them until we had enough to do one large auction later. Storage trailers were the perfect method for storing and transporting property. Our clients and patrons at the auction company would become our first storage customers. They would want to rent a trailer that we were not using, then we would need one and buy another. After seeing a 40' container on top of a mountain in Colorado in the early 90's we started adding containers. Eventually containers became the preferred storage method over trailer due to their close proximity to the ground and security. 

     Eventually Walmart became one of our biggest customers (along with the few other people in the container rental business at the time) and in the mid to late 90's accounted for the majority of our business. By this time we were completely out of the auction business and Maxwell Container Leasing was born. We were still heavy in the storage trailer rentals, as well as containers. We were growing but Walmart stayed our largest customer for years to come. 

     Like most industries the trailer and container rental business morphs over time and we along with it. In 2007, Maxwell Container Leasing became Maxwell Portable Storage. We began focusing on expanding the business past simple seasonal rentals and focused on sales and rentals to individuals and contractors. Modifications of containers also became a focus and we started doing more and more doors, windows, custom paint and interiors.

     It's taken us over 35 years to grow to this point. We have more than 1,000 containers and trailers in our rental inventory. Diversifying our clientele, as well as what we offer in the way of sales, rentals and modifications, has grown our customer base.